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Safety Education Program

New York State Snowmobile Safety Education Program


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The New York State Snowmobile Safety Education Program is put on by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historical Preservation, Snowmobile Unit. Toad Hollow Trail Riders along with the Onondaga County Snowmobile Association sponsors the Snowmobile Safety Course two times a year.

The course is to educate snowmobilers from beginners to seasoned riders, young and old. The snowmobile safety course educates riders of the laws, and ways to improve their riding skills safely. This course give you knowledge of equipment, riding skills, “Rules of the Trails" and code of ethics.

Anyone can take this course from age 10 and up. You must be 10 years old by the date of the course given that you are registered for. Former President of the Toad Hollow Trail Riders Jennifer Laswon became a certified instructor in 2019. She feels it is important to educate riders so they are aware of the laws and how to ride safely. During these courses she has given some of her own personal experiences. She has been involved with snowmobiling since she was around 5 years old.